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The Fatawa Rizvia is a compilation of thousands of Islamic decrees according to the Hanafi school of thought, authored by Ahmed Raza Khan. This repository of knowledge is often referred to as the Hanafi Encyclopedia. Its full title is “Al-‘Ataya Al-Nabawiyya Fi Al-Fatawa Al-Razawiyya,” but it is commonly known as Fatawa Rizvia. It consists of meticulously organized thirty-two volumes containing responses to a total of 6,847 questions, including 206 of Ahmed Raza Khan’s own treatises.

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Book NameFatawa Rizvia
No. Of Jild:#06
Fatwa no:#667
Author:Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
Total Pages:02
PDF Size:530 KB
Publish Date:2006
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  • The structure of Fatawa Rizvia follows a specific order. It begins with Quranic verses, followed by references to Hadiths.
  • The authors frequently cite Hanafi jurisprudential books, not just for reference but also to add new insights.
  • When issuing a fatwa, the authors don’t discriminate between their own beliefs and those of others. They present what they’ve researched and discovered, without bias.
  • On a single issue, multiple references are provided, sometimes exceeding a hundred, demonstrating the depth and breadth of their research.

Examples of Extensive References:

  • For instance, in the fatwa regarding the funeral prayer of an absent person, references from 239 books are provided.
  • The topic of the prohibition of prostration out of reverence has an exhaustive fatwa spanning 70 pages, incorporating 40 hadiths and 150 references from jurisprudential books.


Fatawa Rizvia is like a veritably important book for Muslims. It tells them how to do effects the right expressway in their persuasion. Then is why it’s consequently important

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1. It’s a Trustworthy Guide: People can trust this book to tell them the right effects to do in their persuasion.

2. It Addresses About the Quran and Hadith: The book talks a lot about the Quran( the pious book of Islam) and Hadith( stories about what the Prophet Muhammad did and spoke). This expressway, it makes sure that the guidance it gives is grounded on the most important sources in Islam.

3. It’s Well- Delved: The people who scratched this book did a lot of exploration. They appeared at numerous other Islamic books, both old and new, to make sure their guidance is actually good.

4. Easy to Understand: This book is penned in a expressway that utmost people can understand. consequently, whether you are a religious scholar or precisely someone who wants to see further about your persuasion, it’s ready to get the information you need.

5. Covers numerous motifs: It talks about parcels of effects- like how to supplicate, how to get wedded, how to do business, and how to be a good person. This expressway, it helps with parcels of nonidentical corridor of a Muslim’s life.

6. Protects Hanafi Convention: It keeps alive the training of the Hanafi academy of study. This is important for people who follow this convention.

7. History and cultivation: This book is important for the history and cultivation of places where people follow the Hanafi convention. It also shapes how people exercise their persuasion and what they buy.

8. Inspires Others: This book has inspired new savants to get further about Islam and partake their knowledge with others.

In simple tours, Fatawa Rizvia is like a helpful companion for Muslims. It tells them what is right in their persuasion and helps them with numerous nonidentical corridor of their lives. It’s also important for the history and cultivation of some places, and it encourages people to get further about Islam.

What is Fatawa Rizvia?

Fatawa Rizvia is a compilation of thousands of Islamic decrees according to the Hanafi school of thought, authored by Ahmed Raza Khan.

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